List Work

lists order life and prevent things from slipping through the cracks

with the proper framework for building a list, it becomes a record of life lived




Band Names (An Ongoing Accumulation), 2014 - Present

Shshshshshshsh and the ellipses

Pissed conformists

Tears for tired

Ear napkin

Less than almost normal

Bundle of drugs

Ali and the gays

Sweet factory massacred

Hero on the brain

Winter tree on fire

Naked and still

Still in a pool

The women who slap their thighs

Perfect bread

Something like cats

Patrick in the corner

Shinto demon Shinto demon

Normal butts

Not normal butts

Consensual necrophilia

Blackening of Beth

Mountain porn

Unshaven women of the night

Unshaven woman

Trying not to kill

Microbe on a pinecone

Vaguely butthole

Pooky berbs

Astronomical pocket event

Morph suit snuggie

Edge of headlamps

Circle of rings

Consensual butt touching

The undoors

The killing door

Funny on my knee

Beyoncé in a field

Tea in hand


Guacamole on the railroad

We are petunia

Blankets and pants

Lost wounds

Festering butt wounds

Goth god gone

Tightly packed dildos

Staccato farts

A boy named justice

Big fish, little fish, and the daft punk waves

Straight boy judgement 

The stringy dribbles

Kentucky fried gabbana

Sexy pants bondageu

Intrepid buttplug

Multiple sex

Sex with joe biden

Technical sex dance

Storm in her pocket

The bookends

Energetic stabbing

Satan has your pennies 

Very medium

Creep darky path

Microwaveable pie

What pipe?

Eating needles


Hot sweaty bodies

Bundle of ire

Chocolate sperm

Squirting the bowl

Firm pudding

Peanut butter eyes

Reindeer flants

Ethereal swamp

Extra salty pizza

Delicate breakdown

Mouth unicorn

Chafing on your neck

Accidental coffee mugs

Such people as bisexuals 

Happy brain accidents

Bear stuffers

Math unicorn

Meth unicorn 

Moth unicorn



Rock shaped darkness

Fox that


Beef, noodles, and sauces and such

Flamingo tree

Broccoli on the go

Wow everything is okay but I want nachos wow!

Not all for naught

Large mustache man

Near you but behind you

Tiny and stressed

A grandma way to be

Bath unicorn

Sudden cape

Postal coital

Sleek lantern 

Something floppage

Outward floppage

Napkins in the window

Moist creamy pocket egg

Chewing like Christopher walkin

My body hairless, by Mairead Kepler

Sign your selfie

Soggy strawberries

Soggy bottom

Jenna and the magma mixers 

Fruit in the fruitbowl

Do it in the bed

Colonial invasion ok good

Making fun of lipstick

I'm not really a waitress

Face pancake

Omnipotent baby

Waffle fort

Grand scheme of tic-tacs

Laughing while you spew

Choking while you spew

Menstrual cramps coture

Delightfully weird

Grouchy the trash can ninja

Farty hands


Town Annie

Sound for your town

Uterus trap

Forest floor

Witchcraft on the forest floor

Populous metropolis

Two swamp emails

Precision and pizazz 

Grim and boom

Sex rampage

Radioactive tentacle radius

Lumpy sauce 

Anus face

Ice house on fire

Warm bath of protein

Dilbodoor (dumbledore)

Put the squid in

Ugly jewelry from exes

Quest cart

Yeasty water

Suitable noodle

Crapping paper

Hot buttered dork

Kneyoncé bowles

Food in the wall

Britney says no

Mouth malfunction

The lists on the internet 

Poop in a group

Vaguely divine

Bursts of gay enthusiasm

Deaf children

Roof boot

Yogurty noises

Oreo aria

Tables on the dance floor

Jumbled drool 

Tables in love

Why do you think I'm dancing


Peppermint cauliflower

Gently solicited

Spicy premises

The hot socklets

Hummus hugs

Corn off the cob

Carcinogen leach

Cars on Mars


Butt loosening potion

Strategic with your bodies

Silly with their bodies

Dildos in the dark

Whale sex

Llama eye stalks

Square root nasty

Small omnipotence

Fetus robot

Pocket of your parka

Parts art

Medium board

Medium bored

25¢ the utensil

Flowers on the mannequin


Angiospermous ovary

Balanchine lifestyle

Shoe garotte

Spooning poop

Taller than me trash

Fairies in a handbag



Wolves notfair

High cubes


Close contact kegeling

Men with lots of pretzels

Pious bitch

Basins of attraction

Spicy garbanzo salad

The jugletts

Joe Biden in the corner

Tom waits hoedownt 

Flabby flank

Flavored spoons

A bunch of bowler hats

Sexual mathematics


Honey in the cone

Salt occurred here

Wrath unicorn

Taco event

Vaginal connotations

Trap walto

Molten fish

Loose goose and the geese

Moose juice

Honey in your crannies

Waffle parts

Goofy with a solar panel

This raisin thought

This raisin thot

The produce fascination

Gentle dentist

Witch and the Wolfman

Ambiguously colored banana

Hedgehog love potion

Shitty whisk

Next level egg

Pee secrets

The velvet pelvis

Birth juices

Sweaty divot

Anger and alcohol

Terrified camp

60 seconds of fabulous metaphors

Improbable Mondegreens

Finnegan's jorts

Bite of sequoia

Laser tag sex dungeon (controversy by Natalia kills)

Dance your dissertation

Luxury gendered goods

Neon steamboat

Tripthong frownyface

Purports the George 

Cotton eye sex forest

Medium thoroughly

Stealth shitake

Amalgamated moo juice

Moo juice ft. Baby Jambo

Teen ranger jail

Grotty fridgelet

Small foam balls

Old dead polyamory

Drunken woman frizzy headed butter head lettuce

Distant wizard

Artful whiskers

Mushy in a can

Old timey prospector

Squirt the gill

Wet pretzels


Streaking with the Bears

Plethora of plums




Homophobic ceiling fan


complex rhythmic structure llama

Dirty socks Brussels sprouts 

Officer dog

Sweaty thriller

Cheer til you bleed

But both are lubed


Taffeta (tahFEta)

Dj blow 'n go

Substantial ham

Semi fried cheese

A lot like soup but a little bit different

Taco experience

Slightly sticky

Funky Scrote

Pug loop

Hug loop

Nipple cheese

Butt safe material

Unexpectedly intense poop

Blood mustard

Mutually beneficial squirts


Hot and fresh are my warts 

(^remix to ignition/my warts)

Mushy cookie

Fiesta okay fart beer

Meat thermometer

Spine flesh

Butt terracing sex island

The Ships Collection, Island

Streamlined coolers

Shoes for sheep

Stressed opera

Molten spinach

Cheesy bread drink

Authentic mud from our ground phrase

Deepthroat toothpaste



Dense loaf

Gently sparkling

Snapping spinach

Touch screen toilet

Pantsuit ensemble

Cider flute

Diglett shaman

High-fantasy Hardon

Personalized sticky surprise 

The relative cheapness of bison

Ambient doom (in relation to Liza's vagina)


Alpaca portal


Grape scrote

Tight knight

The complexity of memes

Meme dream

Emily Osment helicopter hair

Screamingly internanal

Pretzel stick dinner 

Magical glamping

Sewagy butt

Assistants to the crime

My chest is a gogurt for hummus

Regular deep was

Percolating carrots

Weird in your general direction

Weird in your genitals

D'dildo's dildo

Bavarian churro

Loud garbage

Spiky diva cup

Spicy diva cup

Vodka poems

Husky vegan

Lizard eating flesh person

Night seeds

Hakuna mavodka

Cow boob excrement

Latex on Mars

Bands of horizon

Corpses of doubtful vintage

Served with a whisper 

Chris nuts in my face

Chris exploding nuts

Subvert the Gingrich

Gumbo gunk


Deep inside the soup

3 foot urethra

Ding up my dong

Reversible vest

The hot 25 year olds

Tantric chuckle


Saran Wrap murder

Over cooked elbow

Enchanted dildo

Eat pray succ

Liquid ribcage

Wipe wop wurble

Rubber winding

The widow Allison

Maximum sensuality


Head first, exiting a butthole

Porcelain joint

Lovecraftian ghost

Digit pegging

Duck torpedophile

Kirt girdle

Delis'quissemas (I gave you my heart)

Liquid khaki

Scroached eggs

Scrambled and poached

Pesta pasto

Never hit backspace, never surrender 

Palpable pulp

A voice, maybe a cry

After the colon

Remember the puddles

Dance wizard

Weed sarcophagus

Apocryphal Fran Drescher

Supernatal wheedlesprocket

Tomps cock

Sucking on that cup (real good)

Armpit tape

Played like a corpse

Strozen frozberries


Who's kiln?

Strobing frozberries

Boobs and butts and frogs

Boob horse

The talking cats of Ulthar

Fudith (fart Judith)

Invisible Dom

Arm for Boiling

Dr pilot

Mobile boner

Big gay trans


Weed trickle

Sex scissors

Subtle nausea

Homos and tacos

Bingo balls

Raspberry ass

Down to the junk room

Trash palace

Sounds of downstairs


Meat pancake

The tortilla aspect


Deconstructed smoothie

Pleather daddy

Vitamin's D


Trough of Sperm



High octane baby

Night beer

Dire meat circle

Edible roots jam band

Peanut butter finger

Spaceman spliff 

Mutually assured seduction

Slapped with a mop

Bowl of wine

Steve Buschemi and the tiny dinosaurs

Drjazzcula (jazz q la)

Barine miology

Sky chicken

Legal tenure


Mustache cyclops

I make mistake

Loose froots


Happy milk

Natalia lols

Anomalous phenomenon

Pickled fetus

Fickle penis

Possum situation




Visceral butt feels

Icebath orgy

Broccoli enema 

Lint as a meme

Presumptive tiddy

Hard leaf

Smising mime

Dairy undertones 

Salty oatmeal

Sharp cream

Remember the dongles


Anal oopsie 

Carrot cake cup cake

Horny for felt

Wizardly actions 


Eyelash Andy (erykah badu)

Cream dream

Creamer dreamer


Interpretation of the moon

Moon scholars

Solarized succulent

Missgendered Sky

She likes cloth

Bagel in your butthole

Tinder for tugboats

Foscelot (fossil ocelot)

Inside sticks

Check for entrails

One one hundredth the diameter of   asparagus

Aquarium of the spine


Chicken wipe

Tiny bubbles 

Contraposto on the couch


Everywhere pregnant

Jehova's Mallrats

Respective vaginas

Swedish meatball duet

Spitty kisser


Crunchy by association


The sprigs of the that

Cholula John and the sprigs of that


The dirty fluggets

Chunky Irish filigree 

Similar vigor

Bong librarian 

Hands for Malibu

Team bondage

Bone party

Boozy whirlpool 

Libelous libido

Kids tequila sunrise eco tail

Tacos on tables

Neutral queef

Plastic rickets

Gotez blud

Uncle tingles

Genuinely clogged

Crappy and the critty sharts (Kirby)

Punk duck

Hella pregnant

Robot Jesus

Clam radical


Wonderfresh wonderfresh

Gay vulture dads




Salt snakes

Crushed dish

Artificial decay

One drink drunker

Garish garnish

Sexy butt daddy

Gas station soup

The sappy bobs

Potent soap

Off-brand windmills

Dusky sky


Canada day hangover

Platonic bath

Gluten free girlfriend

The whole sports

Buttcheek microslash

Holy goat

The floating goat

Modern upholstery

Psychic threeway

Midnight boots


Luscious mops

Children on YouTube


Squishy poop pancake slurp


Sky bidet

Grungy tweens

Shoulder noise

Napes and Kneecaps

Conceptual reptile

Self described hovel

Bullet proof sword

Don't fatshame my unicorn

Stick bits


Cream of bean

The hello barrier

Skwid skwad

Funky muffin

Car fondue


Kalpton fackn

Ambient deodorant

Tiny guilt

Tiny gilt

Subtle puddle 

Active crack

Dead man’s flannel

Normal parents

Piece of dog


Spooky beatnik


Mouth push

Gentle Chin

Tandem butt zits

Dessert Curry


Butt-like rage

Genuine pretension

Deep meat

Honey in the Volvo

Nah to the glorp 

Almost orc

Grilled Virgo

People slime

Tub grub

Toobe toobe

Duck Jesus

Madam moist elk

Trailer Swift


Face first fusion


Post-grads a cappella